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We are an aerial security company that provides fully integrated drone-based security solutions. We maintain and fortify the security of our clients and partners by delivering state of the art Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV) equipment – most commonly referred to as Drones – coupled with the advanced tools that allow for a complete harnessing of this powerful technological asset.

Our guiding principle is to develop innovative new approaches to security and surveillance in the areas that we operate in, doing so by capitalizing on efficiencies, improving standards, and saving your money.

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Drones and the high-tech cameras that they are equipped with are but a single thread in the patchwork of stacking elements that achieve complete security. Critical thinking, advanced software, and artificial intelligence are the pillars on which drone security reposes. Whether you need one or of all of these elements, you’ll be fully benefiting by our field-experience.



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Drones have existed for almost a century now. As to the more familiar vertically flying variants with – four or more – upward pointing motors that we’ve all become accustomed to, this has only been massively employed by our industry for no more than two decades ago. Nonetheless, the tangible utility they have proven to reliably provide over this relatively short time is now – to simply put it – a must have. Benefits such as:

Discrete Presence

Unobtrusively monitor your sites and assets at all times. Or even monitor intruders discreetly.

Improved Efficiency

Cut down response times to alarms and events by having eyes where it matters, within brief instants.

Stay Safe

Keep out of harm’s way in the event of hazards or security breaches, whilst staying informed.

Avoid False Triggers

Perform surveys at locations where alarms were triggered before sending in your security team.

Manual Surveillance Missions

When incidents such as a fire, spills, or chemical leaks transpire, it is during such extreme events that personnel crucially need situational awareness to gain intelligence and provide insight on how to intervene, or even, in some cases, when not to. Drones prove extremely apt during such instances.

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Autonomous Drone Surveillance

Security needs of large facilities or tied down personnel can be challenging. Rounds and patrols, as crucial and as essential as they are, can be cost-prohibitive in such cases or downright inefficient in their implementation. For such necessities, autonomous drones represent the perfect solution.

They allow security personnel to schedule precise patrol missions around set perimeters, and have them performed at specific times or intervals.

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