A Revolution. Airborne.

Perfect Security Solutions is an aerial and digital security company that provides complete UAV-based security solutions. We maintain and fortify the security of our clients and partners by delivering state of the art Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV) equipment – most commonly referred to as ‘Drones’. But our mission doesn’t end there, we also provide the advanced tools that allow for a complete harnessing of this powerful technological asset.

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The Go-To Drone Operator in the MENA Region

We are headquartered in Jordan and act as a nerval point of security that serves the entirety of the Middle-east and North Africa region (MENA). We expertly address development challenges and lacunae in security by providing our services and solutions to governments, agencies, law enforcement, major organizations and SMEs.

Drone deployment is half the equation.

Our mission is salient: To elevate the security and value of all organizations by implementing professional and engineering solutions based on UAV and video technology. This entails a fully integrated suite of tools and hardware that when expertly married, produces formidable results. Going back to ‘droneless’ security after this will feel like a punishment.

Full Integration

We Integrate UAV technology into your workflow and reinforce your existing security capabilities.

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Professional Assessment

We conduct thorough security audits and develop solutions tailored to your particular needs.

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Connected Technology

We function as a platform and hub for connected intelligent UAVs, covering a wide range of use cases.

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Engineering Potential

We test and build smart commercial drone applications to explore new frontiers and maximize turnover.

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