Video Analytics Give You The Power to Make Sense of Feeds and Footage Captured by Drones.

Notwithstanding the importance of reliable or continuous video capture, the fact is, not every byte of video data is equal in terms of analytical value. These disparities are inherent to both ‘real-time’ and ‘delayed-time’ video analysis, and are a key factor behind the need for intelligent analytical video software; video software that exploits context-specific information present within each frame, and a wide set of other parameters to provide truly meaningful capabilities.

This daunting task brings forth a whole new set of challenges that we at Perfect Solution Security have profound experience in, and are proud to enable our clients to enjoy the benefits it originates.

Powerful Quality-of-life Features to
Streamline Workflows and Lower your Capex

Retrieve Information of Interest in No Time

The streams and data gathered by drones are processed with AI and reinforced through ML to filter critical information. This drastically reduces your need to comb through hours of footage to bring up critical events. And alarms you when something of interest is on screen.

Ambivalent Databases for Added Flexibility

Our analytics are designed for API-based integration with existing security management systems, video information may be processed through tertiary tools or your own in-house technology.

Advanced Compression Codecs For Your Video Archive

Video footage can – and will – add up over time to unspeakable amounts of data, data that must be stored depending on the timeline that you need to be able to go back to and visit. With High-Efficiency video compression algorithms, the need for large storage is a thing of the past.